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Beyond Clean and Simple

Pure Ozone Solution

Engineering and Delivering Quality Ozone Systems and Services

About Us

The Ozone Solution

   With two location, in Michigan and Houston, The Pure Ozone Solution Company is operating since 2013, manufacturing Ozone  generating systems and delivering sanitizing and disinfection solutions. The equipment manufactured by our company is continuously enhanced with the latest technologies available. Our product can reduce the chemical consumption in child care centers, schools, athletic facilities and teams, public safety, business offices, correctional institutions, elder and health care, hotels, and more.

The Ozone sanitize hard and soft items without exposure to chemicals. With its proven efficacy, the OZONE kills 99.9% of common bacteria and 99.99 % of common viruses on fabric, wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, and glass.

            Ozone is completely natural and certified organic. Ozone is substantially more effective than chemicals, yet leaves no dangerous byproducts. Since our OZONE is created on-site, it eliminates the distribution, handling, usage, storage and pollution of hazardous chemicals.

           The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have recognized Ozone and UV as "Best available technology for meeting the world's most demanding public health issues".